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Anyone who has ever experienced chronic, long-term pain knows how debilitating it can be. Whether it’s neck or back pain, these conditions can rob people of their time with family and friends, their ability to work and their sense of independence. But, like any problem, there are solutions. A board certified Brooklyn pain specialist can help diagnose patients’ conditions and help find long-lasting solutions. Some patients need a more accurate diagnosis and better treatment that’s tailored to their symptoms.

Find Brooklyn Pain Specialists

Find doctors in Brooklyn that treat painful conditions, specializing in targeting problems in the spine and nerves. In most cases, at several Brooklyn locations, patients can be seen within one to two weeks unlike other Brooklyn specialists that require waiting times up to six months. A quick turnaround time is important to Brooklyn Pain doctors, who understand that patients are suffering severe pain. These independent locations can see patients a lot more quickly, diagnosing problems and start treatment upon determining the patients ailment. Some forms of pain may be caused by past injuries or worn-out joints, while others could be the result of work related injuries, sports injuries or car accident trauma. The doctor will first get a detailed history, then determine the pain location, severity, etc… history will include previous injuries, occupation, lifestyle, postural and sleeping habits. An examination will pinpoint issues like range of motion, muscle weakness, abnormal reflexes, loss of sensation and other various factors. Diagnostic testing such as MRI scanning, EMG (electromyography) and nerve conduction studies will be ordered. Treatment may vary depending on diagnoses. treatment can include physical therapy, exercise or lifestyle changes. Treatment procedures like epidural steroid injections for pain caused by spinal joints or herniated discs would also be considered. Find Pain specialists today.\


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