Living with pain after a car accident

Car Accident Patient Case Study

Injuries sustained in any vehicle accident can leave serious lifetime impairments. One patient who was chronic neck and back pain.

After visiting our Brooklyn pain clinic, our spine specialist and independent medical examiner the patient complained of ongoing off and on pain. our pain doctors deducted that the patient suffered from a permanent injury/chronic pain as a result of the collision, giving her a permanent partial impairment rating of 28 percent.

The patients pain limited her ability to stand or sit for extended periods of time, lift objects overhead or off the floor, and participating in an active lifestyle. Although the patient was able to return to work the number of hours she can work were cut.

These types of injuries are considered personal injuries. Our Brooklyn pain clinic is quite familiar working with attorneys in New York in order to ensure accurate medical documentation necessary in personal injury claims.

Our patients injuries (neck and back pain) are common in such accidents (fender-bender's). The collision appeared relatively minor, however after care examination the patient was left with permanent impairments.

Months after the accident, the patient suffered headaches and significant neck pain/back pain, causing our patient to stay in bed. This affected our patient not only physically but mentally as well. Depression sets in. The road to recover would leave our patient with regular ongoing physical therapy treatments. The accident has left our patient with a life of pain, limiting regular life activities.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injury symptoms do not always appear right away following an accident. Case studies show that symptoms often develop within 12 to 48 hours. Spinal injuries for instance have been known to result in damage to the ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Because of adrenaline accident victims are known to experience delayed symptoms.

Whiplash is a very common auto accident injury sometimes developing 1-2 days after the accident. Whiplash is a condition that occurs when the upper (cervical) spine is forced forward and the ligaments, tendons, and other supporting structures around the spine become damaged. Patients injured in auto accidents complain of pain, soreness, and neck stiffness.

Other injuries from car accidents include herniated or bulging discs between the vertebrae. The force of the impact causes a sharp, shooting pain in localized areas along the spine.

At Brooklyn Pain Doc clinics we are committed to helping patients who have suffer back and neck injuries from car accidents lead a healthier, happier lives. Brooklyn Pain Docs offers a wide range of services in our office, including diagnosis, management, and treatment of auto accident injuries, work injuries and sport injuries.

If you have recently been in a car accident, schedule an appointment with one of our pain specialists today.

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