Physicians who treat workers' compensation

Did you to know that you can choose your own doctor after you are injured on the job. Most employers have a list of medical providers whose only interest is to get you back to work even when your not ready. You run the risk of causing your already existing injury from worsening if it's not treated properly by the right workers comp doctor. You need to be physically ready to go back to work so as not to relapse.

Confused? Well don't be. If you are suffering a car accident, slip or fall, or traumatic injury while on the job, there is a list of physicians to consider:

Physiatrist: Treats injuries and problems which are not surgical in nature or people who have had surgery and need rehabilitation. This doctor does not do surgery.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Treats injuries and pain and related problems with medicine and rehabilitative techniques.

Pain Management Specialist: Treats pain and related problems of a chronic nature with medicine and some invasive surgery.

Internal medicine physicians: Doctors of Internal Medicine - "The doctors' doctor" Internal medicine physicians are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness.

Look into a medical doctors background. Often times experience tell it all. Expert, top physicians usually have 20 years of schooling, plus a number of years treating patients, while completing their internship and residency. Education and experience in treating pain and injury, should be a primary consideration when choosing the right physician to treat you injuries. Of course, a board-certified doctor shows a higher level of experience and is an important factor to consider.

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