August 21, 2018

Car Accident Patient Case Study

Injuries sustained in any vehicle accident can leave serious lifetime impairments. One patient who was chronic neck and back pain.

After visiting our Brooklyn pain clinic, our spine specialist and independent medical examiner the patient c...

February 23, 2016

Pain management may be key to recovery after an accident. Injuries from car accidents can cause lingering pain for weeks, even years. Trauma from a car accident can cause damage to soft tissues in the neck and back. Symptoms may include: neck pain, numbness, dizziness...

November 25, 2015

My first serious car crash injured my hips and my lower back. I was rear-ended, and suffered whiplash. The ER sent me home with off the counter pain killers and suggested I see my family doc. I feel like my my vertebrae is out of wack. Friends suggest not just any doct...

October 7, 2014

Car Crashes Hurt! That sudden unexpected impact of your car being hit from behind by another vehicle. What first sets in is shock. Then the symptoms. You develop a massive headache. If you do not seek immediate medical attention chronic pain will start to set in.


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